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NNWN / California, USA, 2017-11-03

The advertising campaigns of Amnesty International  and TV2 from Denmark were declared as winners of the EthicMark® Awards for advertising and media campaigns that “uplift the human spirit and society.”
Amnesty International's global campaign titled Refugee Nation won the award in the Non-Profit category, The advertisement inspires unity by bringing together refugees from around the world to participate in international games, and demonstrating that anyone can unite toward a common goal.
The winners were declared at the 28th annual SRI conference in Calfornia's San Diego on Friday. Rinaldo Brutoco, Founding President of the World Business Academy, and Rosalinda Sanquiche, Managing Director at EthicMark®, made the announcment of winners. The awards presentation was made in front of nearly 800 investors and investment professionals.
Danish television network TV2 was the For-Profit winner. It’s “All That We Share” advertising campaign shows how it is possible to break down barriers by breaking down stereotypes. Its message is that underneath the surface, we share more in common than we perceive.
Founded in 2004 by sustainability pioneer and futurist, Hazel Henderson, the EthicMark® Awards recognize advertising and marketing campaigns that demonstrate the power to inspire, focus on the human potential and further both public and private interests. Winning campaigns reflect high standards of truth, integrity, responsibility, transparency and fairness, respecting diversity and refraining from greenwashing or instilling fear.  
EthicMark® award-winning companies are recognized for the creativity of their message, the value of the product or service and the quality of their culture.