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NNWN / New Delhi, 2017-10-24

What has these young girls to do with BSES, one of Delhi's electricity distribution company. Well, 6,200 girls have undergone self defence training in the past three years under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative of BSES, the company announced in Delhi on Tuesday. According to BSES release,"BSES discoms have partnered with Delhi Police Special Unit for Women and Children, Nanakpura and Trident Tactical Solutions Pvt Ltd (a specialised organisation led by a former SPG commando) to impart self defence training to school girls." "Since the inception of the programme some three years ago, BSES has trained over 6200 young girls from over 50 schools and educational institutions under this initiative," it said.

 According to a BSES spokesperson, the 10-day training programme involves educating the girls on the importance of speaking out, raising an alarm and getting out of tricky situations. "Besides the physical training, the participants are also given tips to handle sticky situations," he said.

"BSES' CSR efforts have positively impacted the lives of over 2 lakh (and counting) people and their families. Apart from self defence, these initiatives include adult literacy programme and health and eye care camps, which have benefited over 28,000 and 50,000 of the under privileged people, respectively," he added.