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Nepal has been witnessing a protest by women activists demanding the arrest of people who purportedly abducted and murdered 52 year old Nirmala Kurmi. On Monday, the protestors lit lanterns in broad daylight in symbolic protest against the government for failing to nab the accused murderer and investigate the case. This is the third time in the past two-and-a-half years that women activists have taken to the street in this cold weather conditions. Already, few women activists including Ruby Khan have been staging indefinite sit-in protest and relay hunger strike at Maitighar since December 29.

According to Himalayan times, the protesters have accused Nepali Congress leader and provincial lawmaker Badshah Kurmi as the main person behind the abduction and murder of Kurmi with the motive of gaining her property. The probe committee formed by the government, had on 14 October 2021, submitted its investigation report with the recommendation to arrest accused Badshah and two other accomplices and begin police investigation. Seven accused in the case were arrested eventually only to be released shortly after no lead could be found in the case, while the main accused Badshah was never arrested.

Who was Nirmala Kurmi?

Nirmala's husband died in 2005 and after his death the local leaders and men had hatched a conspiracy to marry her off to an Indian and eventually abducted and killed her to grab the 125 kathha of land. Her two sons aged 18 and 14 also died mysteriously in a span of ten days in November 2009, as per activists. Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane recently appealed the protestors to quit the protest. The minister also sought the investigation report from police headquarters. Similarly, the police headquarters has formed a new probe committee under Central Investigation Bureau to investigate the case.