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NNWN/Noida, 2017-06-21

Even as efforts are underway to make people aware about Yoga and its advantages, an NGO based in Noida has already included Yoga as an important part of their education plan for underprivileged children. NGO, Sarvahitey which has been teaching children living in slums for the last 18 months at several locations in Delhi NCR. decided to include Yoga classes in the curriculum for the children.

So far the NGO volunteers have conducted two yoga classes for the 70 children who fall in the age group of 3-14 and are enrolled at their Noida centre. The Yoga classes are being conducted by the volunteers  on regular basis.

Seeing the initial response of the kids, the NGO is confident that not only will the children benefit from the yoga classes but will also retain the values of discipline and a healthy living.. At a time when including yoga in Government schools is still only being considered, this step by Sarvahitey to teach slum children about the value of yoga and focus on their well-being is commendable.