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Odessa Charity Foundation Way Home has made an appeal for financial support for people who are victims of war. In the appeal, the foundation said that War on Ukraine has left people homeless and jobless. They have health issues and have been forced to live a life as refugees. “We have rallied and refugee and disadvantaged families in Odessa now receive humanitarian assistance, shelter and opportunity to flee Ukraine. But there are more and more such families and we critically need your support”, the foundation stated.

Odessa is transport hub which meet thousands of refugees every day. Many have lost loved ones or their homes have been destroyed. They are saving their lives and want to leave the country. People need to be protected from threats to their lives and poverty.

Odessa Charity Foundation Way Home provides targeted assistance for families affected by war. It also provides refugees with transit shelter in social hostels with full hot meals, food, clothing, everything necessary for departure, psychological, informational assistance. “ We are also preparing a shelter for families in a country house away from the line of fire. Every day we take groups of refugees abroad. We distribute food and hygiene kits for disadvantaged families that live in Odessa as well”, the foundation stated. The foundation has set a target of 700,000 US dollars and it has been able to collect nearly 500,000 US dollars and is still short of 204,486 US dollars.  Ngonewsworld stands with Odessa Charity Foundation in this difficult time to help people of Ukraine.